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I've decided that instead of simply telling the team what I don't like(in regards to prices and new content), I'm going to be positive and tell them what I would like to see, all please feel free to join in with anything you would like added if possible.In the interest of the team making some money, here are some things I would be comfortable paying for. The cosmetic aspect of buying dice does not appeal to me, however if they came with a little stat boost with increasing potency for each price level, that might change things for me. It would be great if the occasional character and card bundle(like the recent barbarian one containing Amiri) would contain a surprise character from the class decks, such as a cleric bundle featuring Tarlin, I would definitely pay for truly new characters and original content. Also I would gladly pay to have brand new characters that aren't in the physical card game, playing the tutorial was a treat and while I know why those characters cannot work in the rest of the game, seeing playable allies, cohorts and villains from other base sets would be fun. I think over all, more (unique) playable characters is what I'd spend cash on, I would play through the same set multiple times if I had access to new characters. I'd be curious to see what everyone else would like to see (especially in terms of fair purchasable content to help out our fine development team). Happy Holidays to all :) -Triple S

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