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Progression block on (I think) multiple end of encounter effects



My first and only attempt at adventure deck 6 was halted after the following sequence of events.


Valeros encountered the Wendigo at the Mountain Peak. I temp-closed a location. Everyone attempted and failed the Wendigo's "increase the difficulty" wisdom check. He used his Vicious Double Axe and a Charmed Red Dragon. Valeros passed the check. The sequence of events after passing the check was (I think):

* Valeros takes 1 force damage from the axe, discards a shield.

* The Dragon roll is made (and "passes", in that it wasn't a 1)

* The location is shown closing and the Villain escapes to one of the two unattended locations.

* Valeros is, for no clear reason, prompted again to discard a card for taking 1 damage. His shield is also back in his hand. I discard it again.


At this point, everything is fine, except that I can't do anything. The only thing highlighted at the top is the green "explore phase" icon, the end turn and reset hand buttons are disabled, there's no blue triangle. I have no way to progress.


After a vault round trip, I find myself asked to discard a card to 1 damage again, but with no shield in hand this time. I discard my blessing. The location closing and villain escaping is shown again. And then I'm back in the same situation, no way to progress.


I eventually forfeited.


I don't really know what triggered this problem, but I have generally found that having multiple end of encounter effects can cause a mix up so I guess it's related to some combination of the Vicious Double Axe, Charmed Red Dragon and Villain escaping. Hard to tell though really.



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