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6.1 completely ruined my party after encountering Morgiv



After downloading 1.16, I immediately bought the Spire of Xin-Shalast and took my main party into 6.1. On my very first draw, I encountered a strange looking Ally, Morgiv, who prompted a mini text cutscene. After this cutscene, the scenario automatically completed and my characters went straight to the victory screen (no gold was earned). Upon reaching the card/deck viewer screen, I discovered that 90% of the cards my characters had were erased. For example, my Ezren only had 1/11 spells, 1/4 items, 1/5 allies etc. I am extremely fustrated as I spent hours and hours of my time building the perfect decklist for this main party, only to have 90% of it wiped by some ridiculous bug. Some of it I could replace from the basic pool, but a lot of the rare and legendary cards I will presumably have to regrind or are lost forever. 


I love this game to death but these bugs are really killing any enthusiasm I had for this game. I hope Obsidian can fix these issues asap and let this be a warning to anyone out there, be very careful about encountering the Morgiv ally card, he might just completely screw over your game.

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