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[BUG] Defensive Mindweb+Dominated



I noticed some quite, shall we say "interesting" interaction between Defensive Mindweb and Dominated enemies. While dominated, they are included in the Mindweb. That makes sense, they are after all fighting for you, so the defenses help.


However, due to the nature of Defensive Mindweb, and the duration application being linked not to the individual participants, but the Cipher itself, the Defensive Mindweb will linger on the enemy after Dominated ends, as a condition without a duration. This can get quite annoying when paired with a Wizard and something like Wall of Many Colors happens to Dominate the enemies. Just came out of a fight where some rather trivial enemies suddenly ended up with a huge boost to their defenses, making the battle take WAAAY longer than it normally would.


Now, I don't know if patches are still gonna be made on a low-resource schedule or what, but I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else, so thought I would mention it.


Also, some might argue that it is working as intended. But Defensive Mindweb clearly refers to "allies" throughout, so it feels obvious to me that the enemies should no longer be included once they stop being allies.

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Sorry for no better answer, but the still effective buffs on fraction change are known and „by design“. The game checks only every x seconds for status effects ticks, and only at casting time for the ally. If one character/enemy changes sides it does not check again.

The forum search can dig up 5 to 10 old threads about it.

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