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Leveling bug in quest mode



I level up from 3 to 5 and gain an ally which worked fine but when i went to select my feat power after the first one it froze up. This is the second time, the first time i clear my data chache from spp manager and restarted my questing. It bygs at the same part.

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I have experienced this exact bug as well. I think its specifically when you get a "powers" feat. The first character'/ selection goes fine. After that the screen won't scroll. Its as if the entire feat section os being displayed, but you can only see whats in the selection box. When you tap higher on the screen it will select the "hand size" feat, but you can't actually see the hand size box. And you can't select any charaxters besides the two on either end of the portrait gallery. I'm playing on an iPhone 5S, running the most recent iOS update. I'd love a solution.

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