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Ezren holding his entire deck in hand

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So I don't know how it came to my mind, but I decided that I want Ezren to have his entire deck in hand, with 0 cards in the discard or bury piles, on the first turn.

Believe it or not, I succeeded on my second try.

Has anyone else ever done this? (and if you did was it more than 26 cards?)




There are a few important things in order to do it:

1. As far as I know, it must be Ezren because he's the only one that can draw cards without a limit, using his expanded spellbook. (restoration is only two cards per turn)

2. You need a scenario with Thassilonian Dungeon to draw even more cards when you cast arcane spells.

3. You need at least two haste spells.

4. You need at least one more character (the more the better, especially characters with blessings)

5. And the most problematic of all, you need the single barrier in the location deck to be ZOMBIE HORDE.


You also need the other characters to have cure to return Ezren's allies back to his deck, though even without cure you can slowly but surely heal using the ROBE OF RUNES an the STAFF OF HUNGRY SHADOWS.


The location deck will run down pretty quickly with Ezren's power to explore again when he acquires stuff with the magic trait, using his haste spells and discarding allies. That's where the ZOMBIE HORDE kicks in. ZOMBIE HORDE says:

"Each character at an open location summons and encounters the henchman Zombie Minion. If any Zombie Minion is not defeated, the Zombie Horde is undefeated. Otherwise, the Zombie Horde is defeated."

This means that even if the location deck runs out, as long as at least one other character didn't defeat the Zombie minion, Zombie Horde will just return to the location deck and you can cast more spells.


When I did this, I've also had in my deck "fluff" spells like SCRYING and AUGURY because they can be cast at any time, thus drawing more cards.

Spells that only end at the end of your turn are not good since you don't want your turn to end and you won't draw cards by casting them.


If you find any other way to hold your entire deck I'd be happy to hear.

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