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Mirror Image banished despite having Arcane skill



An old-ish bug that I wrote down details for but I never got around to making an account to report it until another serious bug interrupted my campaign progress. Anyway:


Seoni cast Guidance and Mirror Image in the same check, and both were banished.


Quest, with 3 characters level 9: Seoni, Merisiel, Kyra (turn order).

Scenario effect: henchmen summon Ancient Skeletons. Heroic difficulty, can't remember the wildcard power.

No pass and play, permadeath on.


All are at Deeper Dungeons with all other locations closed. Kyra encounters Hill Giant, which deals damage to everyone. Seoni cast Guidance, a Divine spell she picked up that I didn't care about. Kyra failed with a Longspear, then failed on the reroll by 6. Kyra buried an armor to prevent the damage.


Seoni cast Mirror Image and a die appeared with a circle around it but did not roll. I opened the store and backed out to refresh, and got a die I could roll, rolling a 2. Merisiel buried an armor, then a card in the center went through the banish animation, and the Mirror Image was gone from Seoni's deck without a recharge check.


jokeserver#3353 Google Play Games

Version 669

PFID F346DFF9F48908C0

occurred 8:30pm ish PST 10/25/16.

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