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Barl Breakbones murdered my character



In short: Kyra failed the second combat check by 6, and was dealt 6 damage then 6 damage.


Scenario: the last of adventure 3 (Hook Mountain Massacre).

Difficulty: heroic. Wildcard power= difficulties raised by 2.

Permadeath on.


Characters: Merisiel and Kyra.


Merisiel is in the Woods.

Kyra moved to Shimmerglens and encountered Barl Breakbones with 5 cards in her deck and a 6-card hand. Merisiel used wand of enervation to reduce the first check as well as shooting with a Longbow, and Kyra played blessing of gorum to get extra dice without using her Vicious Trident (which, along with Barl's power, would cause her to discard all her hand before drawing back up). She still fails by 2 but uses Shield of Fire Resistance to take the damage. The Trident is discarded randomly and she recharges the shield to draw the remaining 5 cards, which include a Sihedron Medallion and a Cure, along with a couple blessings.


She plays a blessing and her other weapon, the Flaming Mace +1, and fails by 6, discarding the Medallion and two other cards (blessing and Monkey), leaving Cure and the Flaming Mace in hand, with the Shield still in her deck. The Medallion fails to recharge. So she'll survive if Cure hits 3 cards and recharges, or 4-5 cards. Better than 50% chances.


Instead, Barl deals her 6 damage again. RIP.





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I have also seen damage which was meant to be applied to each character at a location applied twice to the same character instead. It wasn't from failing a check and was just 1 damage, they were fine, just saying the bug is probably not limited to Barl specifically. Don't know what triggers it though since it doesn't always happen.

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