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Found bugs and suggestions [3.03]



I dont speak English. The game is very interesting, but there are a few bugs or poorly implemented things.




When full group consist of 6 allies and someone was killed, now group consist of 5, if you press "6" button on keyboard, selected the second ally in group even if group after that has been filled to the maximum 6 allies. Number "6" is not selected at all.


Worst working thing


The hotkeys line for each ally implemented very poorly. Its looks like total buged.


1) Random sequence of commands - it is not clear why one command is placed at the beginning and the other at the end. All commands have to go one by one always.

2) This line must contain any activation command - ability, item, spell, scroll-spell, potion etc, everything that can be activated manually.

3) If there is not item to activation, this command not hide in line, but become shaded or has gray color.

4) When one command gets similar activation button with another command the previous command in line not removed, it gets the first command name, the names are reversed. But removed by the reappointment of the same name on the same command.

5) 1920x1080 resolution screen have 42-43 commands in line maximum. The line should be scrolled further, as in the old games. One-click-to-end and scrolled to next 10-15 commands. It looks like a half-working line in game.

6) Ability to change the commands places with each other. Alternatively press RMB on command and have new button in description window - change command place and the next choose other command to swap them.


This hotkeys line must be fully reworked while developers release patches. It half-working everywhere.




1 Is it possible to make this option in settings? When the battle begins the graphics settings are reduced to medium or low depending on the choice of. If no battle, graphics settings at maximum.


2 Remember last camera approach and not chage it to default after loaded save file.


3 The button "delete save file" not located near the main load button and its size smaller and double warning to remove save file if "Iron will" is used.


If the developers will release another great addon to the original game, I would like to these changes have been included in the game.

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for 4) and 5) please upload a Screenshot


I do not understand what I have to take off the screen. This are just my suggestions. Only 42-43 commands are visible on screen with 1920x1080 resolution. More commands located behind the screen and invisible. I wrote some mistakes 1-6 is a mix of bad working-wrong things with command line and my suggestions to make it working right.


Developers I want to say this command line is really miss good implementation and it has done very badly, causing a lot of anger. It half-working and half-usable command line especially for spell using.


If add more suggestions, I want to say that action chain using hold SHIFT button in battle is also half-working and half-usable. It not show choosed several movement points and never shown choosed actions for current ally. Also it not working properly with using player's hot keys, just with mouse clicking.

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