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Victory screen bug with Ezren



Hi, I had completed The Hook Mountain Massacre with Kyra, Valeros, Merisiel and Ezren. However, I noticed a first bug because the game showed Ezren as missing battle of the Dam, so he didn't win the role power feat. Anyway, I did that missing scenario with him and Lem to win the role. And after I completed it, the victory screen worked fine with the power feat corresponding to that scenario, but when I had to choose the role, there was a bug with the screen. Sometimes I can't select the role power feat (although the buttons to see the roles work fine), and other times I can select the role but I can't select the play button (it appears activated, but the screen doesn't answer when I press it). I've been stuck in that screen. I deleted the party and I repeated the scenario again with Lem and Ezren, but I still have the same problem. Could be there a solution?

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This has been reported elsewhere in the forum - though not necessarily with Ezren. It appears that if you complete the Scenarios out of sequence and two Scenarios award Feats then you will miss out on one of the Feats when you go back and complete in sequence. The Devs know about the issue, there was some discussion of a tool to fix the problem (like we had for missed Feats in Quest mode). Hopefully somebody from OBS will spot this post and help you out, though I fear that OBS response rates to posts seem to have fallen to an all time low.

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Thank you. Just in case that OBS spot this post (it seems they are doing it lately), I will post my device and game information:


What device type are you on? Android
What version of the OS are you running? Android 4.4.2
What model is the device? Lately I'm using Nox App Player in a PC.
What is your PFID#? 57A8CC365249EF2E

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