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Dead permadeath characters permanently locked



What device type are you on? Android
What version of the OS are you running? Android 6.0.1
What model is the device? Galaxy Tab S2
What is your PFID#? FA1A368B61E1CEA7

I'm having this weird bug on the party management screen in story mode is making certain characters completely inaccessible and unable to be manipulated. The consistent piece seems do be that the character died in permadeath mode, but on the post scenario screen when the it asks you to pick a replacement character, I just picked the same character. Now when I view the party in the party management screen that characters portrait is greyed out with the death and locked icons on top of each other. This makes it unselectable so I can't change its nickname, or even remove it from the party.

This happened with Lem and Seoni.

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