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Quest Characters Transferred to Story - Locked at Skill Feat





I have been mainly playing quest mode to farm gold to buy new characters and expansions.  Recently (AFTER installing the latest patch download - I went to create a new story party (as I had purchased new characters and expansions).  In the "experienced characters" section, I chose the characters with the most power/skill/card feats.  Upon further review it seemed that somehow my quest characters were available to take into story mode.  This was initially frustrating, but the character's decks and existing skill feats made it easy to breeze through story missions (I intended to finish the Hook Mountain campaign so I could play around with the roles).  Upon finishing the 4th scenario in that campaign, my characters all receive a power feat.  But, since they all had power feats prior to starting this story mode they have already received all available power feats.  Now they are stuck in limbo on the screen following the "Victory" sign and receipt of coins where I am supposed to review the feats.  Since they are all grey (showing they were already unlocked) I can't review new feats and therefore cannot move past the screen.  I also can't just forfeit as I've already completed the scenario and when I restart the game it just brings me to the "Victory" screen.


Not sure how they got transferred from quest to story in the first place either - I guess that is the core issue here.


Oh just realized I have to add:


I'm on an


iPhone 6

IOS 10.1

PFID #2132

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We are working on a repro on this issue. Thanks for the additional data!

Ill take a look at your issue and see what is going on.

Can you provide the full PFID?
Tap the options to bring up the menu then go to settings at the very bottom you'll see VER and PFID, I need everything that follows the PFID. Thanks!

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