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Error -24 on Asus Zenfone 5



Hi, I was wondering if any of you could help me with this predicament I have.


I tried installing Pathfinder Adventures on my phone, but the process was stopped (I have no idea why, the game just wouldn't install). I tried it another time and an error popped up, saying something around the lines of Error -24. When I googled that, it means that there's a folder in the Data folder of my phone that has Pathfinder Adventures' files on it, and that if I want to install the game I had to find that folder and remove it.


I've tried looking for a folder that has "Pathfinder" or "Obsidian" with the Root Browser app and manually by plugging my phone into a PC, but all I found was a PAVC folder inside a folder labeled "obb", and even after I deleted that, I still can't install the game. Am I missing something here? Am I looking for the wrong folder/file? or is there any other method to solve this problem(that doesn't involve factory resetting my phone)?

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