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stuck on mobile pathfinder adventures.

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i understand the basics of the game but i am constantly forced to only discard and pass turn after making it to the third area to corner the villain. i deafeata few goblins/skeletons etc close two of the tutorial areas and upon final area i am forced only to discard and pass. cannot even use any other features. basically stuck. any information on how to avoid this or is it just a bug? ( or ami in the wrong location for this question).

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Hello there,


Discard? You only discard if your character is above hand size. So, if you did not pick up any goodies (weapons, spells, etc) on your turn, you don't have to discard anything...


On the other hand, if you are exploring (opening cards from the Location deck), then you must do so until you find the villain - and then you must defeat it/him/her. No need to move if there is only one location left.


Hope that helps,



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