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Did the game recently update automatically or did you do so manually? If so (and you are on Android) it might be that the OBB file didn't get downloaded for some reason (I've had this and the symptom is that the game starts loading, but after a few seconds the "Starknife" icon in the bottom right of the screen stops spinning). You can check for the presence of the OBB by looking in Android/OBB/net.obsidian.pacg1, you should see a file called main.230200664.net.obsidian.pacg1.obb, which is the OBB for the current build. If it's missing then that's your problem for sure, if the last three digits are lower than 664 then you have an out of date version.


If the OBB isn't downloading it might be a connectivity issue, or you may need to clear the cache for the Google Play/Store services (don't ask me why this works, but it's the workaround I've used in the past. Be warned, you will have to set up your Store/Play account again if you do this)

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