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Installed WM1 and quests are gone from journal (3.03)



I decided to buy the White March part 1 today, but when I installed the expansion and loaded my previous saved game, I found that all of the quests (both quests that I was working on and quests that I had completed) were gone from my journal. This happens with any saved game that I load. I also can't start the White March quests when I talk to the steward, but when I start a dialogue with with her, there is a conversation option that reads: 'Missing 06_cv_steward 215.' Clicking on that leads to other missing dialogue options.


I've tried starting a new character, and the problem persists. When WM1 is uninstalled, the problem goes away.


I'm running the game on Ubuntu 16.04. I downloaded the game from gog.com.


Any thoughts on what I could do?



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