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[1.1.4] No dice against Rogors Craesby - literally no dice!



Device: BlueStacks emulator

OS: Android 5.1

PACG build: 1.1.4


Pass & Play: OFF

Permadeath: OFF

Mode: Story

Party Members: Amiri, Sajan, Kyra, Merisiel, Ezren, Seelah

Turn Order: per party

Scenario: 2.2

Difficulty: Legendary

Wildcards: Full Packs, Retaliation, Crow Bait

Location: Wooden Bridge

Trigger: Sajan Encounters Rogors Craesby


The title says all I need to say really. Sajan encountered RC and no dice were offered to roll! Ezren added in an Orb and Incendiary Cloud, still... no dice.


I messed with the Skill Selector, did a VRT, exited to Main Menu, exited the game completely all to no effect. Clearly I'm going to have to Forfeit. Which I will do after I've captured the Saved Games folder and posted it here.






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