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Bug: Story Mode - Improved Mending / Flask of {INSERT}

Reylan Talonspyre




I used Improved Mending, as shown in the image. I was using the Sorcerer, I pulled the Flask from the discard pile. I was able to move it to my hand, then it gets locked in the Display area. I have replicated this bug several times. I am unable to "X" out of the "Choose a card from your discard pile" screen, meaning I cannot progress further without being locked down once I pull the Flask out of the discard pile. I am also able to exploit this loophole by pulling the Flask out ... getting it stuck in Display ... then pulling another item from the discard pile. This is definitely not how you intended the game to be used and I hope this helps.


Dropping out of the App and then rebooting it does not solve the problem as the game is stuck at the point where I must choose a discarded card and therefore I must reset the whole thing. Not a huge deal.


PS - I have replicated this on my Nexus 6 using Android as well as on my laptop android emulator. You all should think about releasing this for the PC, it really is an awesome game and very very addictive. I like how I don't have to buy a thing unless I want special perks (Runelords) or if I don't want to wait for more cards. It is one of the most fair app games I have ever played. I can't wait until more classes enter the mix like the card game. 


Keep up the awesome work.




System: KoPlayer (Android Emulator for Laptop)

System: Android 5.1 

Location: Replicated on almost every location over the course of two weeks. :-)
Character: Any, so long as they have a Flash of Something in their Discard Pile


Thank you.




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