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Odd skill choice for Blessing of Iomede



I was playing with Harsk (charisma d4) and encountered the Blessing of Iomede (Charisma 4; Divine 5)

Having no divine skill (therefore d4), it offered me my charisma check of d4 (at least the difficulty is one lower and achievable - good choice app !)

I then played a Blessing of Iomedge, thinking 3d4 would be a better check (as the blessing adds 1 dice, or 2 dice to charimsa checks). But as I played it, the app switched to a divine check, and offered up 2d4 ?! I used the drop down and went back to charisma - preferring 3d4 to get a 4 over 2d4 to get a 5.


Looks like some of the auto-selecting of which stat to roll for went a bit wonky on this check?

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I has been commented on multiple times in these forums that the "auto-optimise" choices are a bit odd when you add a Blessing to a check. There are some much stranger things that occur than the situation you describe here (including some where it becomes impossible to choose the "correct" skill). It's tricky for the Devs: unless they write some code the works out what would give you the highest average roll they are always going to be criticised. Similarly, it's not unheard of for me to choose two larger dice over several smaller dice because there's a better chance of getting an extreme value on a roll that I'm "chancing". It annoys me when the "auto-optimise" kicks in in these situations.


All of which goes to say that you just have to manage the skill check selector in a very proactive manner because there's no way that the code will always get it "right".

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