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Thieves Tools recharges even on failed roll



I've noticed that Thieves Tools will consistently successfully recharge even if I fail the disable roll (which I always do because I have no rogue in my party).


General (For all issues)

What device type are you on? Android

What version of the OS are you running? I'm not sure

What model is the device? HTC 10

What is your PFID#? AFA12C97D8E4880F



Is pass & play on? No

Is permadeath on? No

Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Story mode.

Characters in Party: Kyra, Seoni, Sajan.

Location of each character: many different ones.

Turn Order: usually Seoni, Sajan, Kyra.

Scenario: many different ones.

Scenario Difficulty: normal.


What card was encountered when the issue occurred? Many different ones.


Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore? If subsequent, what card did you last encounter? What was its resolution? Many different situations.


Did other characters aid the check? No.

Was the encounter a Horde? No.

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This must be a new bug with 1.4.1 because I am in a similar situation: most of my fighters carry a set of Thieves Tools and I never saw this before 1.4.1. (Though these days I generally just discard them rather than attempt the Recharge check, but habits are hard to break and I sometimes roll anyway)

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