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Two Issues



I'm running VER-641-20160926 on an iPad Air with iOS 10. I do not have the data loss issue.


I do have a couple of weird problems though. The first is that frequently, when I am attempting to assist one character with another, I will select a card to play and the buttons to play it won't appear. The problem seems to resolve if I return to the main menu and then continue, but that's pretty annoying.


The second might be a more specific bug. I used a spyglass to look at a Harpy Monk sitting on top of the cathedral. Now when I fight it, only three of my four characters are being forced to attempt the wisdom check, and whether I succeed or not the chain graphic appears on my spells and weapons, though I can still play them if I succeeded. Curiously, when I defeat the harpy the combat check repeats after defeating it until I fail to do so, at which point the harpy is returned to the top of the deck as revealed by the spyglass, not shuffled in or banished. Not sure what combination of events triggered this glitch.

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