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can´t change group members



I can not change group members any more. It first startet when I tryed to take Hirvas in my Party. He aggried but didn´t show up ore left his place in the countryside.

later I tried a view times to change him to my group without result.


Now I can not change anyone. sometimes I can dismiss Members with Effekt. Mostly even dismissing does not work.


maybe same reason? I can´t enter second flor in "Leuchthöhle" (Caed Nua)


Please give me some hint.



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Its this bug: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88124-game-breaking-bug-cannot-change-party-303/


Caused by the auto level up, try the steps given at the end of the thread.


I tried this, unfortunately, I can only attempt this in an inn since I've long since "recruited" Hiravias. While I was eventually able to get Hiravias in my party it still broke the game, he has "Missing abilities -1" showing up in his list of spells. After exiting the inn and re-entering, I ended up with a clone Hiravias that I can't control inside the inn. I can't leave the inn any more because "I must gather my party before I venture forth".


I'm not paying for DLC to fix a broken game so... I'm just going to finish the campaign never changing my party.

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