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3.03 Extreme Lag when entering specific buildings



I'm experiencing extreme amounts of lag when entering some buildings, among them is Scriviners Dormitory.


I updated to 3.03 mid playthrough (In 3.00 I entered it with no problems)

and I have IE mod enabled, I'd like to mention that it disables my autosave regardless of the option i toggle.


I also do like to mention that each time this happens I have a red stop sign for a cursor when i try to move anywhere on the terrain. When I reload a save file that was saved inside one of these buggy houses it results in my party disappearing.


I tried playing this without mods but the issue still occurred. I think the bug is either hard coded into my save due to it going through patch updates, or that patch 3.03 has something weird on it that it's causing this type of issue. Please let me know if you find anything.

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