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Azzuro bug



I have a problem where azzuro visits my keep but never sells anything, i cant even find him anywhere, and yes i did help him with his problem and hes showed up many times after that but never sells anything and cant be found in the main hall or anywhere else....

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K... So.... I think I figured this one out. 


1. Azzuro shows up with a dilemma

2. You solve the deilemma

3. Azzuro shows up as a Merchant for 2 days

4. After the 2 days it says 'he leaves the stronghold' but! (this is where is gets exciting) he actually stays at your stronghold as a prestigious visitor.


I'm not sure if the notification that he has left is the bug or that he shouldn't stay around as a prestigious visitor. That being said, I doubt we will be able to fix this one for the 3.04 patch.


- Sking

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