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Cannot Start WM1 Content





I am having a problem similar to some other's issues with starting the Durgan's Battery quest.  Yesterday I installed the White March expansion packs, and once I did I received a pop up to go talk to the Steward.  So I did.  Nothing came of it.  Today I received the same pop up and the start of the quest for Durgan's Battery.  However when I went to talk to the Steward, I did not have the options to speak with her about the quest - although I could ask her questions about the archmage.


It seems I completed the quest requirement of talking to the Steward prior to actually getting the quest.


I took a few steps already:

   1. I uninstalled the expansions and rebooted.  No good.

   2. I verified the integrity of the game cache on steam.  Also no good.

   3.  I did a full uninstall and reinstall.


I am on Windows 7, 64 bit.  Attached is the log and here is the link to my save file:




Is there anything that can be done?  I'd be very sad if I had to restart the game in order to play the expansion.



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Hey CMatt33,


I'm running around your save and just looks like you are missing an Addendum. You have the White March on your map and can travel to it. Just go to the White March and speak with Renengild and the quests should correct themselves.


I got your back


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