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hep with dialog

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this is kind of hard to explain but I'm totally blind  and using a screen reader with ocr  to play I could  read the character creation clearly at least the second word in it so i got something like male uardian the stats came out okay at least the description of them and I think I worked out the skills terminals read all most perfectly but I can't read the dialog choices any idea why? that and can someone tell me what stats default numbers are in character customization? trying to figure out if my build is good or bad I have dex 8 str 4 in 7 con 8 or something along those lines I got throu most of kotor accept that puzzle near the end thanks to warp commands and quite a bit of luck I've noticed a lot less warpability for kotor2, so we'll see if I can manage this any help at all would be great as well as any mod suggestions that affect gameplay content or sounds I erased my swkotor2.ini hoping it would reset everything to defaults i turned on windowed mode and off fullscreen but the screenres isn't showing up any more.

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