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Black Fang defeated and game hangs



Playing on Android with a party of five all at the last open location.  Meserial defeated black fang with lots of help and after giving the graphic of the fight it just stops.  No buttons work and I have to hard reset the application.  After rebooting three times it re-enters at the start of the fight with Black Fang already drawn.  Set up the fight and roll the dice and win but then it hangs again.  This was repeated three times.  Not sure how to move forward without trying to lose the fight or delete the story mode.  Playing on Hard setting with Permadeath.  Great game overall.

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I'm having the same issue as the OP, except 1.) am using iPhone with current iOS; 2.) playing on Legendary; 3.) no Permadeath; 4.) six party members; 5.) multiple open locations; 6.) Harsk in the final battle with Black Fang in the Warrens


Repeated about five or six times by killing and restarting the app. Each time using different combinations of attacks and support cards. Each time Black Fang is defeated, card will retreat to top right and "bounce" as if defeated but then not discard or continue. Other screen elements are clickable so it's not merely a freeze

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