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Endless Paths of Od Nua lvl 8 Fampyr Lord not interacting



Hello all.


I recently arrived to the 8th level of the Endless Paths and spoke with the Fampyr lord there. I promised to eliminate the other undead on the floor, but my Journal didn't update with any new quest or task. He doesn't talk to me anymore if I try to click or approach him.


I proceeded to kill the other fampyrs, but nothing happens when I return to him. If I try to move past to the second bridge, he and his guards attack me (working as intended I suppose). I'm absolutely sure I've killed every single enemy in the entire floor. I tried to reload and restart the game, but it didn't change the situation.


The problem is both my main save and all the available autosaves are from after the point when I first spoke with him (I went to Caed Nua for resupply after meeting with him). I have a secondary save from earlier point, but that's several hours (and two whole Endless Path levels) from the past, so it'd be quite a hassle to check if the quest would work properly in that save.


Does anyone have a similar issue or some way to fix it? Perhaps a way to load an earlier autosave? (it's literally like the first previous autosave I'd need here...)


Thanks in advance!

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