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[] Ezren's Expanded Spellbook doesn't fire "off-turn"



Yes, I know that this has been reported before, but it appears that nothing has changed, so I'm bumping the bug as it's still present in


Device: Hudl 2
OS: Android 5.1
PACG build:

Pass & Play: OFF
Permadeath: OFF
Mode: Quest
Party Members: Valeros, Lini, Ezren
Turn Order: per party
Scenario: who knows? if the Devs thought this was important for Quest bugs, they should have made it accessible
​Location: Any/Multiple
Difficulty: Normal
Wildcards: N/A
Trigger: Ezren casts an Arcane Spell when it isn't his turn


The most obvious time that this happens is when Ezren has to deal with a Summoned Bane of some sort, when he wasn't the one summoning the Bane. Any time the screen transitions automatically after his Check, it will fail to allow his EB and a quick switch back to his screen will show that the opportunity has been lost.


I found half a workaround and that is to trigger EB while the dice for his Recharge Check is being displayed rather than wait until after the dice have been rolled for the Recharge. However, sometimes (and I haven't quite got to the bottom of it) he doesn't get the Recharge because the screen changes to another character before this can happen. I suspect that this special situation is when Ezren is dealing with a Summon triggered by a Villain, rather than by a Barrier. In this situation, the screen change doesn't have to wait for the "select next character" screen and so it bounces his EB. Very frustrating when he starts his turn down a spell or two because of this bug.



​Other situations in where Ezren's Enhanced Spellbook doesn't trigger

  1. Encountering Ripnugget and Stickfoot at the Apothecary (Normal Quest): With Valeros and Lini present at the location, passed the Stealth Check with Invisibility and went straight to the Combat Check without an EB triggering. Interestingly, after the first Combat Check with Fiery Bolt, the EB did trigger, but not after the second Combat Check (you normally Recharge and all that even after the Villain - though it's not necessary)
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