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Save states: lost character portraits and Quests!



I purchased PoE last year on Steam. I have stopped playing this game shortly after WM part1 was released, I got stuck in Cragholdt Bluffs on my way to WM as it was too hard and decided to stop and wait till part 2 was released before continuing, since I already bought the season pass. Now today I thought I can return to the game, but when I load any of my saved states I see questions mark protraits for some characters (a custom character and Aloth) + all my Quest are gone!? it says that I don't have any main quests and I don't see which quests have been completed! what's up with that? I think the save states became incompatible after a bunch of updates!?

I was 60hrs into the game, I only had to beat the last boss/dungeon but decided I want to play white march first (after it gets released completely) and now this... I don't want to start all over again. I think there were at least 2 automatic game updates in Steam while I was absent.


I can provide my save states. Please help me out here! thanks



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The savegames should still be compatible.

Can you verify the integrity of the game cache?

right click Pillars in Steam Library > properties > local files > verify integrity


If the problem persists share the output_log and some savegame (where to find them).

You can use a service like www.dropbox.com or www.sendspace.com to upload them. 

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