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Quest Mode unable to progress



Would appreciate some help with this problem.


Quest mode has a fatal error and can't progress or forfeit the game.


Device: Samsung Galaxy S6 Android

PFID: unknown, cannot access. Settings shows 'user not logged in yet' although I am logged in. Top left says 'logged into Google Play Games'. Welcome popups appear as normal.


Character: Sajan

Situation: Just failed combat check against Bandit Henchman. Discarding one card (Amulet of Life) as damage. Scenario has the Crow Bait Wildcard Power (bury one card of discarded damage). When I bury the card, the Henchman shuffles back in, and then the game freezes. Cannot click on any character or button. Menu or Vault do not work, so I cannot forfeit the game and get out. Reloading the game takes me back to the bury card stage where the only thing I can do is bury the card, and then game freezes again. Story Mode works as normal, but loading Story Mode and then Quest Mode does not fix the error. Loading Quest Mode in any way takes me back to the same spot where game freezes. Clearing the device cache does not do anything. 


Any assistance would be appreciated.

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