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[] Quest Characters Disappeared, Help!



So just prior to the patch I was mainly playing story mode. Yesterday, I decided to play a little quest mode again. I continued and finished (won) a quest adventure I was in the middle, resolved my decks etc and then shut the game down. Later on, I started the game again, went into quest mode manage party to switch up the party for the next adventure and noticed that half my experienced characters were missing. What it appears is that the six characters that were in the quest that I completed (Valeros, Sajan, Seelah, Harsk, Lini and Seoni) + Amri ( for whatever reason) are the only experienced characters shown while previously I had one of each character mostly between their mid teens and upper twenties. 


I play on two devices so I had a backup save that was at the middle of the last quest adventure, I loaded up that save, forfeited the adventure and went into the manage party and then it showed another copy of those six adventurers with a few of them one level lower since this group did not win/complete the adventure. 


Primary Device:

Android Google Nexus 10 most up to date OS


Secondary device:

Android Moto X


PFID#: 89A6103F4A22C3C1


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