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[] Seelah Ambush by Bunyip - game freezes; relaunch causes Ambush penalty to apply twice



Device: Hudl 2
OS: Android 5.1
PACG build:

Pass & Play: OFF
Permadeath: OFF
Mode: Quest
Party Members: Sajan, Kyra, Seelah
Turn Order: as party
Scenario: ?
Difficulty: Heroic
Wildcards: Retaliation (Scenario: defeat Goblin; 1 Fire damage)
Location: Shrine to Lamashtu
Trigger: Failed Ambush, Encounter Bunyip


When the Bunyip spawned, the Wisdom roll was displayed as a D8-1. However, the game completely locked up. No Vault round-trip, nothing. Killing the game worked and I was able to relaunch the App and hit the Quest button to be brought back to where I left off. ​The Wisdom check was now displayed as D8-2!

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