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Ok so, I'm just wondering if modding this game is legal, before I start.

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Having trouble finding anything on the legality of modding this game, I'm guessing that it is at least in some capacity since these forums exist. I have been looking into UABE. I'm kind of thrilled to learn this game was made with Unity, as I am an aspiring indie game developer and Computer Science student at University. I want to eventually break into the market and create my own studios to design games.


I have been on board several start up projects thus far that have not come to full fruition, but 2 of them used Unity and C#. I have quite a bit of experience with this Engine and language as a result. So, I'd be interested in trying my hand at seriously modding this game. I think I could do it, given my background. But, I just want to know two things: Is using UABE to modify this game legal? And, would it be legal to distribute any mod that I make to the public for free (not commercial obviously).


I'm interested in this for two reasons, I am looking to find work and have been looking for a while for some type of internship or something while I finish school. This would be something excellent that I could show to potential employers to showcase my skills and creativity. And the other is of course I am an avid gamer, and fell in love with this game. :)


Anyways if anyone can answer my question, I'd be very much appreciative. Also, if anyone would be interested in perhaps joining with me to mod this game and has the relevant skill set to do so, then I'd consider that.

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Its legal, as long as you don't charge anything or use the PoE logos to advertise it. There is a post with the rules, i have a look and link it.



Ok, that was simple, its the link in point 2 in the sticky ^^ https://eternity.obsidian.net/legal/ip-use

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