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Just bought rise of the runelords on the app. Running it on an iPad Air 2. Got through the tutorial. Trying to start a new party. Every character says they are in a party. I can't create a new one. I can't start the story mode. I have rebooted iPad, deleted and reinstalled app, and consulted a friend who uses the app. From his screen shots it looks like I am not getting the green arrow to get to the adventure. I'd appreciate any help.

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You can see my topic below.  It appears the patch the released on the 12th, doesn't allow any new players that ability to create a party after you complete the tutuorial.  Huge bug as i locks out every new player coming to the game from playing it at all.  Hopefully we'll get a response tomorrow when they are back at work because they haven't responded at all to us since Friday.

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