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As I await new content, I've started making flavourful parties and builds. I'm trying to give characters specific blessings according to whom they would worship or most likely to worship. I've listed those which are quite obvious.


Seelah - Iomedae

Kyra - Sarenrae 

Amiri - Gorum

Lem  - Shelyn

Seoni - Pharasma


How about the other 6? Thoughts and reasons?

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Harsk - Torag

Sajan - Irori

Valeros - Cayden Cailean


Granted, Harsk and Sajan don't get much use of those particular blessings but those are gods they follow. And of course, as an atheist Ezren doesn't follow any god.


As an interesting note, Paizo switched effects for Blessing of Pharasma and Blessing of Nethys because they wanted Seoni to be able to use Pharasma in RotR...

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