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[3.03] Unusually long pause before the summoning of Woedica's Judge and Headsman



I don't remember the game freezing up that long at this moment in earlier builds.




There's another longer pause right after interacting with the mechanism on the soul machine that triggers the final dialogue before the end slides.



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Yeah, this is a known issue. It is the auto-save that triggers right after the dialogue. The bigger your save file and save folder, the longer the pause will be. We haven't figured out a way to smooth this out.


- Sking

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I see, thanks for clearing that up.
Also explains why there wasn't such a long pause or rather no pause at all in vanilla PoE.

Couldn't you just disable auto-saving at this/those particular moment(s)? Surely everyone does a manual save right before facing off with Thaos anyway.

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