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Did we lose the ability to see the locations of the other characters?



I'm sure that there's a UI change happened somewhere along the line. We should *always* be able to see the state of every location, the Examine cards, the character cards and the location attributes. That's *always*. The number of times that I've needed information about what it takes to close a location that isn't the current location so I can work out the value of spending/saving a card and yet I haven't been able to do so, you wouldn't believe!


There's also aUI issue with the current Character indicator that is particularity a problem when dealing with a spawned foe. It's too easy to lose track of week is the character on turn when working through the whole party one by one to fight a (for instance skeleton horde or Goblin raid). We need an indicator for current Character on turn *and* an indicator for who is currently dealing with the current spawn.


Both these items would be possible in the analogue version of the game. Without them there an unnecessary memory element to the game.

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