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Mac OS 10.10.5, graphical glitches, PoE 3.03



In some locations there are disturbing graphical issues:


1. Diagonal lines and black squares:



2. large "shadows" of my characters inside water surfaces:



Mac OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite)

MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, Mitte 2012)

2,5 GHz Intel Core i5

8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB


PoE 3.0.3, GOG version without White March

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Und die zu kleine hp Schriftart bei allen Portraits. Ich hatte die bisher maximal bei einem.

Eine blurry Textur hatte ich auch mal, die war aber beim jetzigen Durchspielen in Ordnung.



I would say the artefacts are rendering bugs with the intel driver, but its weird that no other report for this built in card exits.

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