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Game locked in Shrine of Lamanshtu



Scenario modification: When you encounter a henchman all character in your location encounter an Ancient Skeleton +  Blood in the sand.

Game version: VER-530-20160715  PFID-AEB9FC3A3091AC3

OS: Android 6.0, kernel 3.10.84. Device: smartphone, Motorola XT1585.

Quest mode. Chars: Amri at Shrine of Lamanshtu, Sajan at Warrens.

Amri encounter some Zombie ride that make everyone fight a Zombie Minion. Zombie Minions were the henchmen for this scenario.

Amri defeated a Zombie Minion, I switched to Sajan, got notification that by encountering a monster in Warrens a random monster is added, pushed on it and saw a monster added to the shrine location. After that Sajan defeated Zombie Minion, then location switched back to the shrine. There it locked: from the action options only green star is lighted all others are dimmed. Can not do anything at this point. Switching to the game store and back brought me to Warrens location again, still in combat with Zombie Minion, I got back the blessing I recharged to fight Zombie Minion with Sajan, but the zombie card is not shown. I can repeat the battle with Zombie Minion, but it just brought me back to the shrine with the same lock condition when I can do nothing. Had to Forfeit finally.

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