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Unable to update, unable to delete app



Device: iPad Air

OS: iOS 9.3.2

Could not locate PFID#



The most recent patch is unable to complete.  The update is stuck halfway, and I have tried to restart my iPad.

I cannot open the app.  I tried to delete the app to reinstall it, but it will not delete. 

The icon is darkened, I can try to delete the app (by holding the icon and pushing the x) and the iOS confirmation will appear, but the icon stays. 

I tried to delete the app from iTunes (on a Windows 7 OS), but the x does not appear on the app (does not affect other apps).


I had encountered a bug when I last played the game, where my quest mode was stuck in the store page. 

If I press back to leave the store page, it returns me to the main menu.  I was unable to play quest mode.

I tried posting on this forum, but I don't think it appeared.  I had hoped the latest patch would resolve the issue.


In short, I am unable to play the game, patch the game, or delete the game.


Thank you for your time.

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