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Ezren didn't get his role card after scenario completion



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See title, help pls. :/


Played in a party with Merisiel and Lini, who both have bested the scenrario before (and got their role cards).






I had the same issue with a new Harsk.  6 character game, 5 had completed Into the Mountains and received role / power / skill bonus on normal mode pre patch.  Post patch completed "final" mission on 2nd tier difficulty (heroic?) and was awarded a card to Harsk only, so game registered him as "new", pormpted me to select a role, once i selected, blue arrow to move forward went to final mission resolution screen (where you sort each characters deck and remove extra cards).  It didn't let me pick his power or skill for scenario completion.   Also had a bug in this scenario where non scenario henchmen triggered by skeleton horde, etc triggered the necro damage.  Please fix the game!  Played on a Ipad mini 2 64gb

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