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[v3.03.1047 PX1 PX2 -steam] Game turns not advancing



I've encountered instances in which turning in quest do not consistently trigger a turn advancement in the stronghold screen. This is one that I happened to log.


Save file and output log are available in the following link:



Reproduction steps:


1) Talk to the NPC Kaenra and turn in the quest 'His Old Self'


Expected outcome:

1) Turn advance from Turn 29 to Turn 30 in this save file.



1) In one instance taxes were collected

2) In most instances there are no updates to Turn and Turn remains on 29


While I hesitate to label this game breaking, but missing out turns can translate into the players missing stronghold adventure opportunities. Thanks for looking into this.


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Also, just a thought: the tax collected turn advancement happened the first time I turned in the quest. Could it be that the global variables are not correctly tied to saved games, such that subsequent loaded games lose the turn advancement?

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