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Bug, I can't move after shooting with ranged weapon



Hi everyone,


I met a problem with my main character.


its a druid type, and in every beginning of a battle I shoot with a ranged weapon, and then go to the front line with a sword.


BUT, When I do so, the first shot is ok, but after....my character won't move at all until I use shapeshifting.


The action bubble show me that he wants to move, but if I don't use shapeshifting he stays in that place until all my companions dies.


With these first actions I'm stuck, but if after I shoot another arrow or being in contact with a foe, then the situation is entirely unlocked and i can move freely on the battlefield, until the next encounter....


Is it a bug? must I wait in place a few seconds after I shot an arrow? must I wait after changed my weapon in my hands?



With regards




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Hey Jukejoke,


I've been playing around with Druids, using ranged, melee, and spiritshift. I can't seem to reproduce your issue. Can you give me exact steps?


For example;

1. Enter combat

2. Attack with a bow

3. Switch to sword (via the hotkey)

4. Attack the same enemy

5. Interrupt the 4th step with spiritshift


Something like that?


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My bad it only happens to me this things.



Problem solved, but I don't know if this will happen again later... :

- I closed and re-opened the game

- I switched my arbalete to another one (not blue), and go into a combat -> Result: I can move freely after firing with my ranged weapon, switch weapon(with the mouse) and then move to the foe, no problem.

- I changed my weapon again to the first one (The great arbalete the first one in blue) -> result: No bug...


for the spec:


Location: Caed Nua (the first time when we must meet Maerwald)

Weapon: Great arbalete (in attached files)


It is not the first time for me in this situation, but it is the first time that bug isn't persistant.


I have that bug since the first patch of PoE(if I remember), but I can't remember if I was going forward in this game after I got the bug(quite boring), I tryed some other kind of class after this.


But, now if I remember well it may happened when I got this arbalete in the first place.


topic resolved?


Thanks QA Lead


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