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Crow's Bait quest softlock

Wild Knight


Currently my ability to play quest mode is arrested entirely by this glitch. I ran into an issue where the scenario power orders me to bury a card (I believe, though I can't remember, that it was because Kyra took more than 1 damage from a failed Combat check), and brings up Kyra's hand, but selecting a card presents no button or option to bury it, and there is no place on the screen to drag it to bury it. I can select the cards and I can drag them around the screen, but I can do nothing else, including bring up settings or anything - I have to force close the app to leave, and reloading quest mode just dumps me right back where I was. Until this is resolved or I can find some way to wipe my quest mode progress (which I'm willing to do, but can't figure out how), I'm unable to continue playing Quest mode.


On an Android LG G4, Android 6.0. In Quest Mode, normal difficulty, with the Crow's Bait scenario power in play. Party of Merisiel and Kyra in that turn order. Kyra is stuck in this glitch at the Glassworks location.

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