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All enemies appear with green circles



Dear Obsidian Team,


I am playing Pillars of Eternity on Windows Vista including both addons. So far, I am in the third act and I think I almost completed most quests but entered only Stalwart in the White March (and the region to the left on the map). My latest quest was the Master Below in the Endless Paths where I can not (SPOILER) fight the Master below. Even if I choose the Dialogoption to attack him I get the battlemusic, but his circle stays green (same for all his minions). I can still force an attack, but the enemies do not attack back, they only use passive skills.

Until this point I thought its just a bug with the endless paths., but when I travelled afterwards to the White March, all enemies where friendly and the same behavior occured. I think I had some weird (similar) behavior with the Ghost in the endless paths where I need to obtain the password in order to go deeper in Cad Nua and the problem is that my last save game is 10 hours before this occurence (  I know it is stupid but it happened). So far, I verified all files via Steam, but nothing changed. I tried to upload my savegame but it has a size of 4MB... Attached you find the output log and the dxdiag.


Thanks for your help.

Kind regards



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Hey tm.,


We have a fix for this issue in our 3.03 patch which is currently up in Beta if you want to switch over. If not the patch will be formally released soon.


I got your back


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