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A few bugs (and a typo)



Hi there!


I play on an iPad mini, have purchased Daily Gold once, latest iOS version (9.3.2). Game issues all on Story Mode, Permadeath on.


Some issues I have found lately:


- My Daily Gold clock is looping, restarting at 24 hours once it reaches 0:00. It have been indicating I have 1 day left on Daily Gold since May 29th. And that means I cannot buy Daily Gold again...


- While playing Trouble in Sandpoint, Valeros was trying to temporarily close the Catacombs of Wrath location (I had found Erylium elsewhere). After the first combat against a Wrathful Sinspawn, a second combat immediately occurred and after that the place was, mysteriously, permanently closed.


- And a very minor typo: Ilsoari Gandethus is called Ilsaori by Orik Vancaskerkin when you have the former in a deck and find the later at the Thistletop Delve scenario.


Apart from that, the game usually runs extremely well until it suddenly starts to slow down, crashing a few moments later. I restart and then, it's a flip of a coin: either it works perfectly until the end of the scenario, either it crashes again 5 minutes later...


Cheers - and congrats on the (overall) good work!



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