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Game stuck at "Thistletop Delve 1.5 stage" card reward screen



I am using iPad Air 2 iOS 9.3.2,

Neither 'Pass and Play' nor "Permadeath' is ON.

I play with Valeros and Lem in story mode.


After I complete the Thistletop Delve 1.5 stage, Valeros got the card reward "Shield of Fire Resistance" instead of the medallion card. Then the game stuck, no response from the continue button. I can only go to the setting button and assess (Rules, Setting or Quit Game) options. Cannot forfeit the game nor assess the vault.


After I quit the game to re-continue story mode, the whole process repeat again. Victory>gain the wrong card> get stuck.


For extra information, Valeros is a new character in the stage and Lem already complete the stage before. And I have created more than one copy for some of the characters job (etc multiple monk), for spare loot cards storage. I have also create the maximum number of possible players the game allow.


Please fix this "Thistletop Delve 1.5 stage" wrong gift and crash game issue. Thanks. Also, just a gamer's feeling, the game seems to have more bugs after the version upgrade. Some problems before game stage 3 story mode don't exist before.

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I'm curious about two things.  1) Did Lem have the Sihedron Medallion in his in inventory?  2)  Was it the same not-medallion card every time (Shield of Fire Resistance)?

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