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Bug about the card "SAMISEN" after game update



I am using iPad Air 2 iOS 9.3.2,

Neither 'Pass and Play' nor "Permadeath' is ON.


In story mode, at the party member selection page. After I select two or above members each with one "SAMISEN" card in their own deck to the story team and go to the card arrangement page. All other member's "SAMISEN" card auto disappear except one copy still exist in one of the member's deck. The missing ! Sign appear on every member's item tab with " SAMISEN" card except one. This "bug" already cause me to loss a few copies of SAMISEN card which I cumulate in story mode adventure.


As a temporary solution, I have to quit the game and re-continue the story progress. Instead of clicking the continue to play button in the card arrange page, which forcefully evaporate my extra copies of "SAMISEN" card on other story member and force me to choose the basic item cards to replace the "empty" item card slot in order to progress.


Please fix this error/bug, as this stop me from placing more than one copy of "SAMISEN" card to a single member. Now I have an issue, as I have to create extra new spare member every time. In order to "only store 1 copy of "SAMISEN" card, every time gain this card from story adventure, if I don't want to loss it.


Just for extra info, I can still "see" the SAMISEN card from members that auto loss this card. After I use my temporary solution as to quit the game, then continue the story. Then from the "view card" on the member selection page, you can see the card SAMISEN there.


But the issue to transfer more that one copy of SAMISEN card to a single member still exist and extra copy of this card still evaporate when multiple member with this card are selected to the same team. Please fix this (PROBLEM). Thank you.

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