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Hook Mountain Massacre Location Close Bug



While playing Them Ogres ain't right, I encountered a weird situation.

I had encountered Mama Graul at the Waterfront, the only other open location was the Farmhouse.

Amiri was at the farm house and attempted to temporarily close it, and drew a goblin warchanter.

First she wasn't even given the option to succeed at the wisdom check to play weapons. So I tried to assist by having Lem at the waterfront discard a bow. He was given the wisdom check and failed, but then his bardic song ability became active for some reason. I clicked it and recharged a card, which cause Erzen, at lems location to make the check to defeat the warchanter for some weird reason. When he defeated the warchanter, the waterfront, not the farmhouse, closed.


I went on to defeat Mama Graul with Erzen, and she was shuffled into the Farmhouse, but the waterfront did not close.


Seems like an odd bug with Lem's bardic song ability.

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